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Welcome to all queers

Startschuss is a non-profit association with a social contribution structure. As a member, you are free to choose which sport you want to do when and how often from our wide range of sports. There is an additional fee for selected sports activities.
There is no admission fee.

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Your benefits as a member

As a member, you are part of our queer sports community. With the exception of training sessions geared towards FLINTA*, our activities are explicitly open to all orientations and identities within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and their allies. We look forward to welcoming everyone who makes our club even more diverse and colorful! Experience the difference between a gym and a club for yourself: Get to know people outside the traditional scene. Find out how diverse queer life can be through sport. Get involved and take away all the experiences and offers you can get from us.

Decide for yourself whether you want to focus on sporting performance or the fun of exercise. With us, you will find the offer that suits you. As a registered club, we are a member of the Hamburg Sports Federation and the associated sports associations. This means that all our members have the advantage of being able to train in public spaces or take part in official sporting events.

As a member, you are very welcome to attend our kick-off events such as our appearance at the CSD, tournament celebrations, training camps or learning opportunities for new sports.

Startschuss membership is affordable. For about €10 a month, you get a super diverse range of offers. In addition to your main sport, you can also choose to take part in other Startschuss activities. Some training sessions require a small additional contribution, but even this is only to cover the costs. For low-income members, we only charge a reduced fee of €5 per month.

You are insured against accidents during our training courses.

With Startschuss, your department or group has good opportunities to approach sponsors, e.g. for jerseys etc.

As an association, we work together. Our departments and board members strive to live and promote diversity. And even if things don’t always go perfectly for us, we are united by the idea that we are strongest as a colorful, diverse community with a common sense as LGBTQIA*.
Train with us and you’ll find a great offer. Support Startschuss on a voluntary basis and the club will support you. Make your club even more diverse and colorful with us!

Cost contributions

Basic membership

monthly fee

9,80 €

Adults (from 18 years)

5,00 €

reduced fee – (Trainees, students, pensioners, jobseekers, in each case with current proof up to four weeks before the start of the quarter)

0,00 €

Youngsters (under 18)

Supporting membership

6,50 €

Monthly contribution

Startschuss offers a wide range of sports. This is also made possible by our many supporting members. With their contributions, they contribute to the club’s work at a high level. We would like to thank all our supporting members for this.

As a supporting member, you are a member of the club, have the right to vote and can take part in tournaments and special events, but you cannot use the regular sports facilities.

Additional fees

monthly fee
in addition to the basic membership fee

Kung Fu

8,70 €

Back exercises

6,20 €


6,70 €


15,70 €

Contributions on site

(Payment per participation)


10,90 €




8,00 €

Stand Up Paddling

15,00 €

How it works:

If you have any questions about our sports program, please get in touch with our contact persons for the respective sport.

Stefan Braune