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Your support

and your contribution are highly appreciated!

Startschuss is a non-profit association with a social contribution structure. We work on a voluntary basis – but with passion. You can support us:
Get involved!
Become a supporting member!

Why we need your donation:

Startschuss Queer Sport Hamburg e.V. is an active part of the Hamburg community. We are publicly visible at events such as Pride Week, the CSD, sporting events and festivals. We organise many of our own tournaments and invite both international and regional guests. We also work continuously behind the scenes to promote the queer idea in sport to associations, politicians and society. This cannot be achieved with membership fees and voluntary work alone – so we look forward to your support.

Membership at Startschuss is inexpensive. Members get a wide range of services for little money. Our idea of queer is social. We only charge a reduced fee of €5 per month for low-income members. You can help us to continue to stand for this idea in the future.

Even if things don’t always go perfectly for us, we are united by the idea that we are strongest as a colourful, diverse community with a common sense as LGBTQIA*. Let’s continue to work towards a society that is tolerant, open and courageous for new things! Make the association even more visible, diverse and colourful with your donation!

For all questions regarding your support, please contact